About the Aberdeen POA

Aberdeen POA Officers

  • President – Doug Chuka
  • Vice President – Paul Green
  • Treasurer – Stan Gilman
  • Dan Flax – Secretary

East Village Officers

  • Lorraine Allen – Chairman of East Villages
  • Stuart Burton – Coves Representative
  • Arnie Rich – Isles Representative
  • Mike Pandolfo – Harbours Representative
  • Lorraine Allen – Landings Representative
  • Jane Halley – Moorings Representative
  • Helene Gilian – Shores Representative

Aberdeen POA Staff

Lisa Teets

Lisa Teets
POA Property Manager
Ms.Teets can be reached at: 561 432-2703 (work)

Madison Costanzo
Social Director
561- 734-0113

Aberdeen Property Manager
C/O Campbell Property Management
9897 Lake Worth Rd, Ste # 304
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Ms.Teets can be reached at:
(561) 432-2703 (work)
(561) 432-2181 (fax)
(561) 716-6461 (Mobile)

Mail to the Attention of Ms. Teets or the Aberdeen POA can be placed in the POA mail Box located at the Aberdeen East Clubhouse.

Ms. Teets as the Aberdeen Property Manager is responsible to the POA President and provides management services, guidance and advise for the management of the Common elements and service provided by the Aberdeen Property Owners Association.

Scott Womack

Scott Womack
Maintenance Supervisor